Steuben County Cancer Association

The Steuben County Cancer Association is an organization which assists any cancer patient through various mediums; including, assistance with medications, transportation and utility bills.  Our mission:

“Helping as many people as possible, as much as possible, any way we can” 

Board of Directors:

Phyllis Miller (Emeritus)
Danielle Werner (President)

Pam Werner (Secretary/Treasurer)

I am a full time employee for Cameron Woods Senior Living facility, I have been there going into 19 years. We help our residents with daily needs, shower assistance, dressing assistance and medication reminders and watches. We also serve meals and clean apartments doing their laundry and being their friends.

I joined the SCCA in 2007 encouraged by my mom Phyllis Miller who had been a board member since 1967.  When I joined the board my mom was the secretary/treasurer and has been for many years, the board then elected me as an assistant secretary/treasurer and in 2012 I became the secretary/treasurer. Volunteering my time for this great cause is heartwarming and heartbreaking at times. I am grateful to be part of this wonderful organization and for being able to help others during tough times.

Through the years I lost a sister to cancer in 1993 at the young age of 26. In 1997 I  lost my stepdad to cancer. 

I have two grown boys Keith is married to Danielle and they have two boys Wyett 5 and Emmit 3 and one on the way and my youngest is son Kurt. 

My daughter-in-law Danielle joined our board in 2015 so my family has supported the SCCA for many years.

As life takes us on our journey I am glad to be of help to others and will continue to assist our patients thru their troubled times. Once again I am grateful to be a big part of this organization.

Kattina Hantz (Vice President)

Kattina Hantz was born in Angola, IN to George and Lourie.  Being raised playing sports and participating in 4H, family values and the importance of giving back to the community came very early and very naturally.  Numerous altruistic endeavors even resulted in appearing in a nationally published book entitled Culture of Good.  The intense commitment to the Steuben County Cancer Association developed when father George battled cancer not once, but twice and was warmly supported by many including the Steuben County Cancer Association.  Between the day job of providing therapy to children with autism, inspiring countless people to collect a ridiculous amount of “pop tabs” for the Ronald McDonald House, teaching her own children the importance of doing good and now her position on the board of the Steuben County Cancer Association, she’s truly doing everything she can to do what she always says.  Change the World.

Brian Kaiser (Board Member)

Kay Burdett

I was born and raised in Nebraska. Married Tom Cole in 1967 and had two daughters, Michelle and Monica. Tom was in the Army and we were stationed in South Carolina, Germany, Colorado, and Kansas. Married Bob Burdett in 1978. Moved to Indiana in 1980 where Bob worked as a transport operator for CF. I  joined the board of S.C.C.A. in 2012. It has been very rewarding to be a part of this association and watch it grow. They have helped numerous cancer patients while they are in treatment.

Cindy Stovall (Board Member)

My name is Cindy Stovall and I am a long time resident of Steuben County and 15 year breast cancer survivor.   I am employed by Cameron Hospital and have two children and six grandchildren.

I have been on the Steuben County Cancer Association board for several years  and I am proud of everything this group does for Steuben County residents. While I would love for cancer to cease to exist, as long as it does we hope to help as much as we can.